Friday, March 12, 2010

Exhibition at Kala Academy, Feb 14 photos

Sunday Feb 14th was the only day we had a morning session. Though it was blazing hot, quite a few people turned up to try out the Camera Obscura put up by the Goa Centre for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP).

Edson and Madhavan of Goa-CAP demonstrate the ins and outs of the Camera Obscura.

Anant displays a sketch of his dad Kanwarjeet, which he did using the Camera Obscura.

Madhavan uses on of our props to protect himself from the midday sun, as he sits to model for someone using the Camera Obscura.

The day also included an all-day T-shirt painting session, which was conducted under the trees to get away from the burning heat.

Little Rishi coloured out this beautiful lizard that his mother had drawn on the T-shirt for him. The result is quite a beauty!

RK's family and Madhavi's too spent a little while in the morning at the venue, helping out and generally enjoying themselves. Here Rupa paints a T-shirt while Priya and Munni kibitz.

Rupa's finished product.

Later in the morning, Ma and Baba also landed up.

RK, Munni and the kids with Ma and Baba.

Chandra presented us with the scarf she had spent the last five days weaving. Lovely, isn't it?

Kanwarjeet and Yashodara conducted an origami workshop in the evening. They had prepared these samples to display for the session.

Kids and adults try their hand at origami, while some T-shirt painting continues down below.

Everyone got to wear the origami hats they had fashioned out of old magazine pages.

Heidi (I think that's what her name was) had painted her own interpretation of the name 'People Tree'.

Another T-shirt artist, Zayn, had clearly come with scary intentions.

A budding Jackson Pollock and a very young Grandma Moses, wearing their masterpieces.

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