Friday, March 12, 2010

Exhibition at Kala Academy, Feb 12 photos

Rahul Alvares' presentation on snakes on the 12th was a big draw. The very strong evening breeze made setting up the screen for the projection quite cumbersome.

Rahul making his presentation. The breeze was causing the screen to undulate, bringing the pictures of the snakes to life.

The audience was enraptured by Rahul's content and his mesmerising style.

Rahul's uber-friendly Rottweiler Diesel was also on hand -- not to mention underfoot, on the lap, slobbering over one's prone body, etc.

Suraya's niece Daniella makes an appearance, wearing a T-shirt painted by her brother the previous day and offering uncle PD some chips.

It was evidently the day to wear hand-painted T-shirts. Paul wearing one painted by his wife Kanchan for him.

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