Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paint your T and wear it, too

From the time People Tree started in 1991, one of its best-loved features has been the 'Paint your own T-shirt' offer. What it boils down to is this -- you are given a blank T-shirt (which you pay the raw cost for), the paints and brushes you need to paint your masterpiece, some guidance if you need it, and you get on with it. You can try one of the designs that People Tree uses, or something of your own concoction. When you're done, the T-shirt is yours to keep and wear. It's fun for kids, and can be exciting for adults.

At the Kala Academy exhibition, there are two 'Paint your T' sessions -- from 4 to 8 pm on Thursday Feb 11 and Sunday Feb 14. Hey, that's Valentine's Day -- why not come in with your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, and paint each other unique gifts this year?

Some points of note for the T-shirt painting sessions:

* All materials are provided, but if you want special elements like glitter or special paints, bring them with you.
* Wear old clothes, as the paint will splatter. You're going to sit on the floor and paint, so wear something loose and comfortable.
* Once you're done painting, you'll have to wait for the T-shirt to dry before you can take it.
* This time around, we have only white T-shirts. If this goes off well, and people express a desire to go a step further, we can try out coloured T-shirts the next time around.
* Sizes available -- S, M, L
* You'll pay -- Rs 70 (S), Rs 80 (M) or Rs 90 (L)

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